I have loved animals all my life and now dedicate my life to this passion and

offer help and support to dog owners by providing force free and positive

behaviour and training support. I also provide a very successful dog walking and

cat feeding service.


I am a certified trainer and behaviourist. I have a Diploma in Canine and Feline Training and Behaviour (Distinction) with COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) regulated by Ofqual and Certa. I also have a Dog Grooming Level 2 Qualification validated by City and Guilds. I have attended workshops on both cat and dog first aid.I have also attended a Tellington T-Touch Course, a Dog on Dog Aggression course with CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training) and a Canine Scent Workshop.


For more information on these qualifications, please see my COURSES Page.


I offer competitive rates, and I'm principled, conscientious, kind, flexible and friendly. I have your dogs interests at heart and want both them, and you to feel as comfortable and content as possible.


When walking dogs, they are taken to a variety of places to maximise their experience. I try and match them up for walks with other dogs they get on particularly well with. I walk up to four dogs at a time unless I have an additional person helping me. 

....nice to meet you!

Three French Bullgod Puppies
My Story
Pet behaviour and dog training in Norwich and Norfolk

I’m Carol, dog trainer and behaviourist and owner and founder of Petopia and I help dog owners work effectively with their dogs to start enjoying their walks again.


I always had a huge love of animals, so back in 1999 I re-homed and took ownership of Clyde (a rescue X Australian Cattle dog). He growled and lunged at children, bit a diver in a wet suit, and bared his teeth if I gave him a cuddle. I was mortified and could not understand why. Events with family and friends were becoming ever increasingly stressful. As well as helping myself, i wanted to help my dog.


So, I spent the next few years learning how I could help him. I had always worked in roles where I was helping people after my Psychology Degree, so when I was offered redundancy, I took it and decided to retrain. I had volunteered at several animal sanctuaries during my lifetime and was often re-homing cats and dogs, so it made sense to put my experience towards qualifications which would enable me to help both owners and their pets. I was fuelled with a new found passion and was amazed that pet professionals and owners had so many issues they wanted to share about their pets.


PETOPIA was born (May 2016).


I have helped many dog owners learn to enjoy their dogs more.


If you feel you would benefit from more support please feel free to get in touch. I'm not pushy nor judgemental, just open and honest, and use only positive and force free methods..


If you want a quick fix, I'm not the person for you, but if you want ongoing advice and support and you're looking for results over time you will benefit from my supportive programmes